5 BATHROOM clever ideas that will help inspire your renovation

Bathrooms can be extremely enjoyable and exciting to decorate in your own home. But if you are renovating for sale then applying these bathroom design suggestions and tips will make bathrooms appear larger and more inviting to potential home buyers.

1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour or pattern. Grey and white colours are the most popular according to most bathroom suppliers. A brick-shaped tile can be used to create the illusion in space. If laid horizontally, the area will feel wider or laid vertically it will elongate the room. A chevron design can be created to add style and texture. 

bathroom ideas

2. Consider wall-hung pieces wherever possible because they free up the floor and products which incorporate storage or have a dual function help make the most of tighter spots.

bathroom designs for home

3. Combine open and closed storage to allow easy access to the essentials and for display. Personal items can be hidden behind the mirror. If you’re short on storage, a basin that sits above the bench will maximise cupboard space below. A recessed shelf is a streamlined solution in the shower and in walls that have room behind to create the cavity.

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4. If the room permits – Twin basins add a sense of balance to this minimalist space, while also acting as a functional zone for a busy family.

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5. A skylight and large mirrored cabinet will keep the entire bathroom feeling bright and open, bouncing light off the tiled walls and a high window offers plenty of sunlight and privacy. A large mirror will make any space feel bigger but essential in the bathroom. Please spend a little more money and have it framed properly – it makes a BIG difference.


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