Bathroom Renovating IDEAS

Many people believe that bathroom decorating is easy, and attention to bathroom decor does not significantly affect the home. But, in fact, this room can be as important as the kitchen and must consider cleanliness, design and decoration.

I read in a renovation magazine recently that 77% of homeowning renovators want to create a beautiful space, while 51% want to reflect their own style and only 36% are focussed on adding value.

Well if you are following me, you know I am passionate and focused on adding value at all times. So, I’m going to share some of my tips to help you ADD VALUE regardless of the purpose of the bathroom renovation project.

When renovating a smaller bathroom, planning is crucial to ensuring all the necessary elements will fit your space. I often drew it all out with spray paint on the floor to make sure I was happy with the layout and my plumber and / or builder was clear on my vision.

Renovating your bathroom can be a very tricky task – after all, there’s so many elements to think about! Make sure you are clear what trades you need and when you need them.  Prepare your plan as far in advance as possible and make sure you clean and prepare the site as best you can to ensure that the job goes smoothly, and brace yourself for any unforeseen issues to arise. 

Stay tuned for Bathroom Top Tips and clever ideas that will help inspire your renovation.

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