Intentional Renovation Mastery Program

  • This program revolves around the philosophy of Robert Kiyosaki by asking.. Are you working for your money or is your money working for you?
  • The program is about me supporting you in moving forward with specific, “take action” steps.
  • I will teach you ‘How To’ renovate with intention to realise a substantial profit in just weeks, by understanding the real cost and value of a renovation.

Sound like a journey you’d like to join me on?

The Package: 7 Webinars with email support.

Webinar 1 – Goal Setting – Strategy Planning.
Webinar 2 – Research – finding the right property with maximum profit potential.
Webinar 3 – Purchasing considerations. Risk management – how to buy under market value.
Webinar 4 – Intentional renovation – rules & budgets.
Webinar 5 – Intentional renovation – planning, prep & order.
Webinar 6 – Intentional renovation – tricks to maximise profit.
Webinar 7 – Portfolio building – when and what to hold/ sell.

I’m interested.

Please contact me with more information about the Intentional Renovation Mastery Program

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