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Property Investment Success

My book, set over seven modules, is packed full of my professional expertise and insight and is invaluable to potential property investors who are hoping to go beyond the regular income from property investment and extend it to the max. As well as considering your options, I will make sure you avoid the common and costly mistakes that many first-time and experienced investors make.

The Seven modules include:

Module One:

When to buy. I show you the ways to discern and predict when it’s safe to buy by explaining the property cycle – what to look out for and when to take the plunge. Want to start planning? I show you how to set property investment goals.

Module Two:

Insider strategies that work. I pinpoint my three specific strategies for investment, being pro-active and purchasing with maximum success.

Module Three:

The best property investors plan ahead, so you can’t afford to miss this module. I show you how to plan by examining mortgage flexibility and options and by understanding property tax deductions.

Module Four:

The best results come from thorough research and doing your homework. I explain how to understand data and the factors that impact property prices and trends. Furthermore, I set out the specific factors that affect an individual property’s value and how to look out for them. Do you know the differences of researching for a ‘buy and hold ‘property in comparison to researching for a ‘renovate and resell’ property? Let me show you how.

Module Five:

What do you need to consider before investing? What does useful profit and risk management look like? Moreover, when do you put an offer in writing? I explain what to know and look out for before it’s too late.

Module Six:

How do you add value to a property through renovation and management? How do you avoid draining your finances? I share my insight and experience when it comes to renovation considerations, rules, planning and the best ways to maintain your property.

Module Seven:

When is the best time to sell? How do you know? I explain how to devise your exit strategy. Want to reinvest?… Guess what? I will show you how!

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of investing in property, creating a property portfolio, flipping a home or love watching home makeover and renovation shows on the TV, my Property Investment Success is a must-read.

Buckle up as I, a successful property investor, experienced real estate sales representative, renovator, project manager for new builds and professional coach share my wealth of practical knowledge and savvy know-how to ensure your investment goes beyond being wise to a lucrative career and/or retirement plan.

Set over seven modules, my step by step program condenses years of insight, experience and strategies to inform, equip and prepare you to choose your investment property wisely and avoid costly mistakes. No ‘quick fix guide’ I will insist you do the homework and the necessary research, because, while property investment remains one of the safest investments available, there are ways professionals swerve the pitfalls, avoid average returns and instead, achieve the best outcomes.

I will show you all aspects of buying, managing, financing and maintaining your property, so that you stand to achieve the best results possible.

So, are you ready for your property investment journey to take off?

Let me show you how! NOW is the time to start your property journey.

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I hope you or whomever you are buying for enjoys the book.


Straight-forward and straight-talking. There’s no way of getting through this Property Investment Success book without doing your homework or figuring out your best move. I wish I’d had this book years ago! Don’t read this book if you are lazy, or don’t care about throwing away your money – this book will be dog eared when you get into the game!

Cydney O’Sullivan, 18 x #1 Best Selling Author of “How to Be Wealthy Now!” and “Think Big!”

Rather than jump in headfirst, Shirley Campbell’s Property Investment Success plan is the water floatation device that will help you safely navigate the complexities of property investing, understand the ins and outs of legal terms and conditions and decipher when and where you are best to buy.

What happens when you do buy? Shirley presents her knowledge in regard to when to renovate, when to flip, when to hold and when to sell – all to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Julie George, #1 Best Selling Author “Million Dollar Host”

Is now the right time to buy? It’s a question any potential property investor will ask themselves time and time again. Whom do you trust? What should you know? Shirley Campbell comes to the rescue with her years of experience as a real estate agent and multiple-home buyer and seller. A must read for any potential property investors out there – it could save you $$$$s!

Bruce Kerney

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